hen I began developing High Heel Rescue it was not because I was required to wear heels every day. Rather, my work and home life demanded that I remain on my feet constantly. I’d begin at 5 a.m. and keep moving until about 8 p.m. I would stand for long hours training my clients, then return home to chase my young son through the apartment or at playgrounds before bedtime.


On long and demanding days even a simple evening walk back home turned into a nightmare. My feet hurt, my legs were tired, and sometimes I was a little grumpy.


Sound like anyone you know?


The situation could only be worse when I’d slip into my favorite high heels for special occasions and social events: dinners with my partner and friends, concerts and parties. You might think that a rescue is not necessary for me and other women who wear these shoes infrequently. Wrong. Even minimal exposure causes discomfort.


In a sense, I was the perfect guinea pig. I was willing to experiment with new fitness and movement concepts because my feet had taken a pounding throughout my early years. I was a young elite gymnast and then a professional dancer who toured throughout the world. The transition to Pilates and Soma Training was a blessing that taught me how to care for my feet. When a new type of exercise provided relief, I was deeply grateful.


My clients were an enormous help too, as so many of them wear heels daily in high-pressured corporate and entertainment settings in New York City. Their complaints of pain and overall weariness encouraged me to deepen my knowledge and conviction in developing a rescue that would benefit women from all backgrounds.


These days when I venture out in my stilettos I always do HHR that night or the following morning. After only a few minutes of exercise, my legs feel light and alive again. Exhaustion is replaced with energy and zest. By learning to properly care for my feet, I have experienced a whole-body improvement that allows me to enjoy evening walks again and endure strenuous daily demands without complaint.



I love high heels!

Do you?

Do you have the same issues?