The Counter and “ The Calzata”


interviewed Claudia Ciuti a few months ago because of my interest in pursuing the cause of healthy feet for high heel lovers like me and you.  

Claudia is an Italian shoe designer and building technician based in NYC. In these blog pages, (Fashion/Shoes) we’ll learn a lot from her regarding feet, shoes, high heels and comfort with elegance.

I really want to share two important aspects of high heel manufacturing with you today that are so eye opening and important in the choice of high heel shoes.


When you look for a pair of heels, besides picking up the ones you like and that match your dress, look at the counter and the calzata”. 


The counter is the back part of the shoe, the one area that hugs the heel with a “C” shape.

“The “C”, Claudia explains, “is very important in the shoe, because it’s going to keep and prevent the shoe from sliding off. If you do buy the right size shoe, the counter is supposed to grip on the foot as you walk, comfortably hugging the back of your foot — you are not supposed to lose the shoe in the back. ” This makes your walk better, the foot is more supported and you avoid the risk of falling off or (even worse) of losing your shoes!


The other very important part is the Calzata which is the width of the foot at the level of the widest part of the foot. The shoe must hold the foot and prevent it from sliding forward or create pressure on the toes.


” If your foot sits properly in the back (counter), and doesnt slide forward because the calzata is right then the shoe is less likely to hurt! “


With a correct fit of counter and Calzata the foot is less likely to slide forward in the high heel shoe. Sliding forward may happen also in flats, but of course, the effect will incrementally increase with the raise of the height of the heel. Even a shoe with a wide toe box will be uncomfortable if the fit is not snug and precise enough.


Are you ready to go shoe shopping now? Now that you have learned about the correct fit of the high heel shoe, it will be easier for you to shop for comfortable heels. Thank you Claudia!