efore picking the pair of heels that you will be wearing, always refer to what I call the “3Ws of High Heels”. Ask yourself and put in consideration 3 variables: WHEN, WHERE and WHAT: when and where you will be wearing high heels and what you will be doing.


Bottom line: We love heels, but we also want to enjoy ourselves while wearing them and possibly be pain free. There are many different styles of High Heels, so we just need to be smart and wear the appropriate one to the occasion.


When and how long:

  • If possible limit the amount of hours you wear high heels. Switch to flats in between meetings and public appearances. That will be a great help for your feet.
  • The amount of time you wear them and the height of the heel are directly proportional to the discomfort you cause your feet.


WHERE will you be walking:

  • Beware of grassy areas, cobblestone, snow, ice and slippery surfaces.
  • Remember how smart it is to wear a wedge if you are invited at a wedding on the grass — you will avoid sinking in the ground and you will preserve your stiletto shoes!


WHAT will you be doing:

  • The first and most important advice I feel like giving you ladies is to save those spiky 5 inches stilettos for special occasions! This is for two reasons: primarily your feet but also your shoes! You don’t want to diminish their importance and exceptionality by wearing them everyday going to the office. You wouldn’t wear a beaded sparkle dress for a business meeting! Likewise don’t waist a notable lace see through 5 inch stilettos for the same reason.
  • If possible limit the walking distances from home to a cab and from the cab to the party location!
  • Don’t look like you’re rushing to catch a bus…. slow down, take smaller steps and shorten your stride when wearing high heels. Put the heel down first and glide! This will minimize the damage to your feet, and will give you that sexy high-heel wiggle.
  • Try not to wear difficult heels or mules in situations that are challenging and not optimal, as your foot could fall out or you could twist your ankle. For example, if you are getting ready for a night out dancing, dont wear a mule (open sandal without any strap behind the heel) but a more strappy high heel shoe and maybe a slightly lower heel.
  • Save your narrower, higher-heeled shoes to wear with skirts and wear your lower ones with pants.
  • Changing the height of the heels helps. You give your feet different challenges and stimulations and it’s like giving them an exercise.




We are so lucky to be able to switch from a stiletto, to a wedge, to a strappy heel, a mary jane, to a mule and so many more different styles. We won’t get bored by the same pair of shoes, we always have an excuse to go shopping and it’s better for the health of our feet!

Share with me pictures that are an example of “3Ws of High Heels” Show me what you experimented with and found useful. Instagram is perfect for this: tag @HighHeelRescue and hashtag #HighHeelRescue on Instagram!