ebi Silber, founder of the Mojo-Coach, tells us about CONFIDENCE.

A couple of weeks ago I was so honored to be able to talk to Debi Silber, health, weight loss, fitness, lifestyle expert, speaker and author, about what CONFIDENCE is for her.


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Q: What is confidence for you?

A: Feeling good in your own skin


Q: Is there a difference in CONFIDENCE for men and women?

A: It seems men just tend to have more confidence than women. Women personalize things much more.


Q: How important is confidence to becoming your personal and professional best?

A: It’s very important. You might have the most life changing message but if you don’t have the confidence to get that message across no one knows.


Q; Do you think that physical improvements (of any kind) are translated into increased confidence?

A: Yes! For two reasons: one is because you physically feel better and two because they are able to see that they can change their habits and that can give them confidence.


In June I published on HighHeelRescue.com a blog regarding confidence.This website is dedicated to women and to be more specific, women who love and wear high heels. I wanted to know from Debi, who herself was wearing high heels in her TedTalk, how she relates to high heels.



Q: Do you like and wear heels?

A: Heels help to give me confidence but they sometimes hurt. They complete the look and make me feel better! This is probably one of the reasons why also other women wear high heels: they make them feel more lean, or taller, or improve their posture….


Q: What’s the parallelism of heels for men?

A: Probably a tie. a tie is not the most comfy piece of clothes but it’s appropriate and that’s why they wear it. The same is true for women. They don’t always want to wear heels, but they are appropriate to certain outfits and situations.


Now I want to know from you! How do you feel when you wear high heels?