n today’s video I’ll show how to take advantage of your vacations at the beach to exercise your feet. Where are you going for the holidays this year? Well, if a warm place in the Caribbean or a trip to the Down Under are your destinations for the end of 2015, you can take inspiration from this video and come back home with new, relaxed and restore feet!

I’m in beautiful Aruba and I‘m showing you how to exercise your feet with:

  • “The towel exercise with the Sand”
  • “Pick up the Sand”
  • “Alphabet Foot”

I hope you enjoyed today’s video. Please post on your instagram profile pictures of you doing the exercises, hashtag #HighHeelRescue and tag @ilariaCavagna.

I will be in cold Milano for Christmas this year and I would love to dream, thanks to you, of a nice sunny and blue sky beach vacation.

Happy High Heel Rescue and I’ll see you again in 2016!