Photography by Maurizio Bacci

My life has taken a few turns, but my focus seems to always get back to training, movement, and health… and everything I do also returns to the gym where I started when I was only five years old. I grew up as a gymnast, and then became a coach. I slightly shifted my focus to become a dancer and a choreographer where I could let my creativity fly. More recently, I’m a trainer, Pilates instructor, and performance specialist with a thing for… heels!
I started developing High Heel Rescue System (HHR), a project that focuses on women’s feet, because I firmly think there is a need for it! I continued to hear the same complaints from women who wore high heels daily:

“Oh my feet hurt because yesterday I was wearing heels at a party.”

“I love my heels, but my knees hurt so badly today.”

“I need to stretch the calves because they are so tight after a whole week in heels.”

“Even when I dont want to wear heels, I have to for my job!!

These complaints kept recurring, and one day while I was shopping for high heeled shoes, since I love them too, I made the decision to develop my own system of exercises to specifically target and HELP the feet, knees, hips, and backs of women who wear high heels.

I believe that women shouldn’t suffer to achieve beauty, at least not when it comes to high heels.

Stronger and healthier feet will positively affect how women walk in high heels. By being educated in anatomy and proper exercise, women will be empowered to make smarter decisions regarding shoes and foot health.
Anybody who gives HHR-System a try will learn how they can easily stretch, strengthen, and restore their feet after a day at the office or a night on the town.

I offer women a simple and active approach to manage foot pain.

Professional athletes understand the severe demands their sports put on their bodies. In the off-season, their workouts must compensate for all the damage done by repetitive motion, collisions, or foot-pounding hustle. Just like all good athletes, we need a compensatory workout to counter the effects of wearing heels. Not only can we slow down or reverse some of the pain and discomfort we may be experiencing, we can stand taller and longer in our heels.

That’s why I refer to women as ATHLETES IN HIGH HEELS! Wearing high heels is a very demanding activity; that’s why you should start thinking of yourself as an athlete – an athlete in high heels!