Simple to use: 2 straps, 2 settings

Comfortable: The smoothness of the leather will make you want to hold it all the time.

Portable: It’s light and small.

Fashionable: The crystals give the design the spark required when we talk about high heels!

High Heel Rescue LOOP has been designed keeping safety and comfort as top priorities.

High Heel Rescue LOOP is functional, shiny, and stylish with crystals. This niche workout tool breaks the borders of the fitness industry to merge and marry the fashion world.

Light and tiny High Heel Rescue LOOP takes little space in the purse as well as little time in any woman’s busy life.

The tool is patent pending and the name has a filed trademark.

“Ilaria’s elite athletic background with advanced training in Pilates and Soma-Therapy makes her clinical approach to female foot injuries second to none. High Heel Rescue LOOP is such a smart and simple idea to work the feet the same way we work the full body. High Heel Rescue System will help women, runners, pro-athletes and anybody with tired feet to feel better and compensate for the stress we put on our feet daily”

Doctor Keith Pyne