Before we jump into the exercises, we suggest you watch this tutorial video.Learning about High Heel Rescue LOOP will make its use easy and intuitive.


Make sure you have 15 minutes available the first couple of times you start using High Heel Rescue LOOP. You still need to get familiar with the exercises and that will require a little bit of coordination.



Make sure you warm up the ankle and foot joints before you ask your feet to do some gymnastics!
Two exercises we suggest are the:

“Massage Foot” and the “Shake Foot.”


Once your extremities are warmed up, we recommend starting with the Foot Strap to work on ankle reinforcement and placement.
That will allow you to get the proper alignment and stability.
Afterwards, move on to the Toe Strap.
You don’t have to execute all of the following exercises in one session, but these are the fundamental exercises
to start with and they will also teach you how to use the tool.
Pick and choose a couple of exercises for each setting.


Foot Slide (Sitting on the floor with straight legs)
Gas Pedal
Alternate Gas Pedal


Foot Slide (Sitting on the chair, feet flat on the floor)
Toe Lifts
Wave #1


Finish with the stretching of the Combo Calf Muscles Stretch and the General Stretch Posterior Leg with Towel to release the foot and the back of the leg.

We believe that the Tutorial Video, the descriptions of the exercises, and the videos with High Heel Rescue LOOP will give you the support you need to feel comfortable using it. If that is not the case, please reach out to us so that we can support you as best we can. We believe in the workout solution and we believe in High Heel Rescue LOOP so much that we want to get you to the point where you can execute these exercises easily, anywhere you are.

If you purchased High Heel Rescue LOOP and you opted out receiving emails supporting the SYSTEM you will not receive the tutorials e-book and support. Please reach out to us if you changed your mind.

“The High Heel Rescue Loop is effective in strengthening the muscles of the lower leg and feet. As an Athletic Trainer in the Performing Arts setting, I highly recommend its use for rehabilitating ankle and foot injuries and maintaining healthy and strong ankles and feet. The artists I have used it with love it.”

Anthony B. Piegaro, Jr., MS, LAT, ATC

Athletic Trainer Cirque du Soleil