edicure and calluses removal is very important!

Dont hesitate or feel guilty about going for a pedicure! Even better, try to schedule this treatment a little more often than you normally do, because it’s more important than you’d think. Why is this SPA treatment so important?


  1. iStock_000013208999_SmallYou’ll have one hour for you to relax, read or nap.
  2. Your feet will look good and will also feel fresh
  3. The massage will help circulation, which is very beneficial to the general health of the feet.


But most importantly, during this treatment the dead skin and the calluses at the bottom of your feet will be shaved away, so that the receptors receive a better signal, when the foot is in contact with the floor. For this reason, the skin of your feet will be able to send better information to the brain! Better communication between the feet and the brain, means better posture for you!



female scrub and clean the well-groomed foot in water by means of a clearing steel brush


At the bottom of the foot we have many layers of skin and connective tissue. The receptors that send the info to the brain are both superficial and deep. This info more important that you would think. It’s not only about feeling the heat, pointy surfaces or the wet floor, the information that these receptors (Merkel, Meissner, Ruffini, Pacini send to the brain, are about the placement of the feet, the balance, the posture that we have both standing or walking.

What happens next?

The brain elaborates on this info coming from the feet, with some other coming from the internal ear, the jaw and the eyes and processes the information.. The better and more clear information the brain gets, the better input and orders to the spine it sends out.       


Let me recap, and make sure, this very important concept is clear:


Postural receptors PODALIC (from the feet)

and CEPHALIC (Internal ear + Eyes + Jaw)


 The brain elaborates the info and sends orders to the SPINE.

These orders define our POSTURE.


Thanks to the removal of the dead skin and calluses at the bottom of your feet, your postural receptors will send better info and as a result you’ll have better posture. Dont forget that a correct posture is key for a healthier life and is the one best tool to prevent injuries. It’s nice to find out that a simple treat, that makes us feel good, is also so beneficial to our wellbeing!


The next time you are getting a pedicure, take a picture and tag @ilariacavagna and hashtag #HighHeelRescue on Instagram! Pick the color, sit on the massage chair, and enjoy your treat-knowing that you are also doing something very good for your body!