“Tips from Claudia”

he HEEL is probably the most important part of the shoe relative to High Heel Rescue. Once again, knowledge and education, allow us to make better choices, for the shoes we buy. That doesn’t mean exclusively to lower the height of the heel, but also to check the quality, the manufacture, the sturdiness, that makes us more stable and safer on heels.


Q: How is the heel built? In the 60s, the steel rod allowed the Stiletto heel to be born. Is this rod present in all heels or only in the high and skinny ones? What ’s the technique to give stability to the heel and consequently to the shoe?

A: A great part of the stability of the heel is provided by the material that is used in the molding of the heel. The shape of the heel is one of the most important factors. A bulky thick heel doesn’t need a steel rod for support. But a skinny stiletto heel does. In this case, we add a steel “soul” that keeps it from breaking while under pressure, such as bending under the weight of the wearer.


Claudia Ciuti Drawing


Q. So the steel rod is used only for stilettos of a certain height?

A: The kitten heel benefits, too, because it is thin, slender and somewhat delicate. But the other important element along with the steel rod is a strong shank, especially the higher you go with the heel. Actually, the shank is what gives support to the arch, and along with the heel, creates balance, strength and stability for safe walking.


Q. Describe the shank, please.

A:The shank is a piece of metal that has a round hole at one end. Through this hole we will put the screw which will perforate the insole and attach to the plastic of the heel. Basically it works like a joint: it must be stable, while also allowing for a range of flexibility.



Q. Can you describe for us the importance in the placement of the steel rod inside the heel? 

A: The steel rod follows the silhouette of the heel. The screw that attaches the heel to the shoe must have the right length, and must be placed with specific machines in the correct spot. It takes a worker that has a certain experience in this field because, if you put the screw in at an angle, the shoe will likely break. That can be a pretty dangerous situation for a woman.


Q: The heel is obviously important. But it sounds like the height of the heel is not the only issue for shoppers. Women must also consider the overall quality of the shoe, and understand that some manufactures are better than others at making high heel shoes more sturdy, stable and safe. Is that correct?

A: Yes.


Q. What’s the most extravagant heel you have created?

A: An icicle heel in silver. It was like a piece of art, almost too beautiful to walk on.


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