ere is my other baby! Rescue Loop for Healthy Feet is the star of the High Heel Rescue workout program.

It didn’t take nine months for it to see the light, but closer to two years! A long gestation.

As a health professional, I believe foot health is a priority and I really wanted to give women’s achy feet a solution.

I designed this tool to help women who love high heels to wear their favorite shoes with more fun and less pain. As I mentioned in the beginning, I’ve been working on designing, creating and finalizing this tool for the last couple of years – by myself at first, and with the support of a designer engineer in the final phase. A lot of experimentation and a lot of prototypes were made before getting to this final version of the tool, which is a little and portable SPA for women’s feet.

I needed a tool that could offer resistance, support and a safe challenge. It had to be an all-in-one device so that we can carry it in our purse, and everywhere we go!

And finally I have something that I’m really proud to present on Kickstarter and to the world as a preview.


Rescue Loop covers three main goals:

  • It strengthens the little muscles of the foot as well as the bigger muscles that connect the foot to the ankle
  • It stretches the muscles and separates the toes
  • It favors blood circulation, which is key in the healing process of inflammation


From a technical and aesthetic point of view, Rescue Loop has appealing characteristics:

It’s been created keeping safety and comfort as top priorities: The progressively increasing resistance of the spring is very safe to work out the small joints of the feet. The way the spring hooks and the sturdiness of the screws make the prop durable. Also, the leather is very strong but also soft and reassuring to the touch, so that even the most delicate feet can benefit from its use.

Rescue Loop is fashionable and stylish, with shiny and sparkling crystals: If you love high heels, you usually like a little sparkle in your style. This niche workout tool breaks the borders of the fitness industry to merge with and marry the fashion world.

Takes little space and little time: Light and tiny, it can be carried anywhere you go and the workout will take very little time out of your busy day. You can use the Rescue Loop at home, at the office, at the airport, on the plane, at the hotel… no more excuses!


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