any women wear high heels because they either love them or they have to wear them because of work. Too many feel discomfort at their feet, knees or lower back while wearing them or later.


This is why I decided to develop a workout program specific for women who wear high heels.


Everything I did before in my life influenced this project. From the intensive work on my feet when I was a gymnast and a dancer, to the importance of foot placement in Pilates. Then recently the work I’ve done studying with Dr. Guy Voyer.


Unfortunately, not everybody knows and thinks that the feet are important. They are important for many different reasons but I just want to mention a few:

  • They are the mirror of our health. If anything goes wrong in the body it will reflect on our feet and issues in the feet will show in the body above.
  • The feet together with the jaw, internal ears and eyes are the receptors that communicate with our brain.  They are responsible for setting up proper posture. If the placement of our feet is incorrect, bad information is sent to the brain and that translates to poor posture.
  • The feet are also the base or our gravity line, the way we stand.  Our posture today is already compromised because of modern life: Too often we lean over technology resulting in the head forward position that we all know very well. When we wear high heels and put a lift under our heels we have two options: We can fall forward or ask our body to work overtime and compensate. Fortunately, our bodies are smart and adaptable but…


…We need to give our feet and bodies the correct tools so that they can adapt the best way possible!

We need to TRAIN!


Instead of blaming high heels, we need to take action and think of ourselves as ATHLETES IN HIGH HEELS. Just as pro athletes do a compensatory workout in the off season to fix their bodies, women need to do the same. With a little care we can improve our foot health, have less discomfort and be able to wear heels with more fun!


Exercise is my expertise and I know it can help a lot: for example when we go to the doctor for back pain, he or she often suggests an exercise program to strengthen the core. If exercise is good and what doctors prescribe for other issues in our bodies why shouldn’t we be following the same advice for our feet! Let them move!


Last Friday I was finally able to share my program and vision to a room full of supporters. Friends, colleagues and clients came out to experience the High Heel Rescue workout and for the first time ever they used a tool I designed called the Rescue Loop. Their feedback went beyond my expectations. They challenged their feet and they felt the work. I was so excited to see their reactions.


This event was a wonderful confirmation of the years of work I have been putting into this project. I know however, this is just the beginning and I can’t wait to share with you our new initiatives for 2017!


Stay tuned!!!