50+ Units

50+ Units ($35 each) 50% off

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50+ Units ($35 each) 50% off

With RESCUE LOOP women will be able to*:

    • Strengthen the feet and ankles.
    • Separate the toes and the metatarsal bones, enabling the feet to explore the proper range of motion.
    • Increase the blood circulation in the foot and ankle complex, which is fundamental to decreasing any type of inflammation affecting the foot or a part of it.

Sizes (the difference is in the FOOT STRAP, the outer strap): Regular and Large

Size specifications:

The regular size fits most feet. To make sure, measure your foot across: from the ball of the big toe to the base of the little toe. If this section measures more than 4 inches the large size will be recommended.

If your feet are often sore and act like a continuous headache, not allowing you to be great at what you do best, Rescue LOOP is the solution. It’s the foot-SPA that you are looking for. It will reenergize your feet so they can be alive again! Your feet and your whole body will experience a new and very positive experience.

*Most of our customers have reported these improvements
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Weight 4 oz

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