ccording to Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, shoes are not mandatory at the White House. She was participating at an event and complaining about her feet hurting because of her high heels shoes, when the First Lady not only sympathized with her complaint but also suggested Ms. Blakely to take her stilettos off.


We all struggle with high heels at times, and we always think we are the only ones! It doesn’t matter how good you are at faking it but high heels are not comfortable! Some are better than others… if worn for a limited amount of time they don’t create too much discomfort but I never heard any woman sliding her feet in 5 inch stilettos and saying: “Oh my gosh these shoes are like slippers! I could wear them all day long!”


No. High heels are not like the anti-sexy furry boots we wear when it’s freezing cold in NYC winters! We love high heels because they are beautiful and for how they make us look but we can’t deny the fact that they kill our feet.


Michelle Obama is with us. In addition to her supporting initiatives  like girls education, wage equality and healthy nutrition in school she is with all of us for this high heel thing. She declared the White House a “shoe free” area and we should do the same in our homes.


Tonight when you go home try something different. Take off your shoes, let your feet soak in warm water for 5 minutes, massage them while you dry them up and walk barefoot. Have your toes spread and stretch like you do when you wake up in the morning! As simple as this, let your feet be alive.


Oh, and if you get an invite to the White House and don’t want to take your heels off, do your High Heel Rescue workout.  That’s what I’ll be doing!


Thank you Michelle Obama for a simple but essential (needed) reminder.