hen we mention heels, our mind immediately goes to the spiky sexy stiletto heel. But actually, that’s only one type in between many! Kitten heel, Louis heel, cone heel… The Wedge heel, for example, offers more support than stilettos or other kinds of high heels. Of course the higher you go, the more you lose stability, but in general the balance is easier on a wedge, reducing the number of falls that accompany high heels. Wedges offer more arch support, reducing foot and ankle problems.


A little history:

Designers and manufacturers like Salvatore Ferragamo, Roger Vivier and Herman Delman reintroduced the raised sole to footwear fashion in the 1930s. The stock market crashed in 1929 and Salvatore Ferragamo created an avant grade “chopine” almost 500 years later. Because of the recession, inexpensive amusement such as going to the beach became popular, and the platform sandal was the new shoe at the point!


Ferragamo made this sandal an item of high fashion! He invented the Wedge also because of his obsessive concern with the comfort, health and the fit of his shoes. First the wedge was beachwear with the cork bottom, but then it became high fashion and very popular for a couple of decades. Women loved them because they are very comfortable, fun and easy to wear.


Tips on how to chose the wedge:

  • Don’t confuse the wedges with the platform shoes. The difference is that in the platform, the front is raised from the floor. In the wedge the front is flat, only the back is raised.
  • Wedges are overall more comfortable, but it also depends on the width of the sole. The narrower it is the more chances you have to fall sideways.
  • Don’t forget about the “counter” and the “calzata”. Also in the wedge they are important aspects to determine the stability of the foot inside the shoe.


Tips from Claudia:

Depending on the design, the size and the shape the wedge can go from comfortable day shoe to elegant. It’s definitely more of a day thing, but there are situations where a wedge is extremely welcome. For example, wedges are a smart choice for weddings in gardens, very popular in the States during the summer. If you wear a skinny heel you tend to sink into the ground and be stuck there, while a wedge gives you “a way out” of the situation. Of course, these kind of wedges are designed thinking of elegant gatherings and they are pretty dressy.


Materials make a huge difference!!! Designers can create a special occasion shoe out of a wedge using metallic  leathers, embroidery and particular decorations for the upper to change a casual item into a great shoe for a dressy event.


How do you like wearing wedges or a platform shoes?