“Couture gowns require several fittings. It’s the same with shoes”

Christian Louboutin


ow many times trying a shoe on do you end up saying “Oh it’s perfect. I just wish it was a little wider at the toes!” Or “Oh I wish my big toe had a little more space… It hurts me on the side”. Many times a shoe is almost perfect but you can’t buy it because it doesn’t fit your foot!


 What can you do? Save some dollars and fly to Paris!


The promise that Christian Louboutin is offering to the fashionista of the world sounds so much more that a service. He can make your dreams come true! “If you can dream it, we can make it” the Atelier says, talking directly to that part of the brain that makes a decision based on the emotions.


Who can promise you that? I didn’t even think that dreams were supposed to come true… I always thought that a dream is something you aim toward, it keeps you going and giving you the strength and motivation, but is a dream supposed to come true? In Paris it does!


Here is the deal. Make sure you have a minimum budget of €3000/€3500 just for your dream shoes and an extra, very variable budget for a minimum of 3 trips to Paris! This is the minimum requirement for the realization of your dream!


Expensive? Maybe. At the same time it should at least be considered, before spending even more money on cosmetic surgeries of the feet, with the only purpose to be able to wear the shoes you love! Here the deal is that you directly invest your money in the object of desire — the shoe– and in this case, it should be pain-free for your feet!


The shoes of your dream will not only be molded on your feet, but you will also be able to chose the material of the finish and the upper (always compatible to technical needs) and the embellishments on top of the shoes (beads, sparkles, etc). And may be meet the legend — Christian Louboutin :-)




You are guaranteed to leave Louboutins Atelier with a pair of custom shoes you absolutely LOVE! Let’s see how it works, step by step — pun intended.

  1. Bon Voyage! First trip to the City of lights, to the Atelier — Paris, 1st arrondissement– to start the process of having a perfectly sculpted pair of shoes or boots.
  2. After your feet will be measured in a dozen key points, you’ll step into the foam molds to have a three dimensional imprints of your feet.
  3. You get to be the designer of your shoes. You select the silhouette, the height of the heel, the toe shape as well as the desired material and the embellishments. Embellishments — bows, sequins or strass — will be applied by hand.
  4. After you select the last (wooden shape of your feet), the artisans of the Atelier start the meticulous work of last adjustments and reshaping to match the measurements of your feet.
  5. Time to leave Paris — for now– and let the artisans do their job and create the first draft of your dream.
  6. Bon Voyage –again! Your shoe is complete and Christian requests your presence for a private fitting. Your feedback is encouraged at every step of the process.
  7. At this stage the shoe is nearly finished. The shoe is positioned on the last (your last), which was sculpted earlier in the process, to be shaped and stretched out and special embellishments might be required.
  8. Final quality check by the Atelier. No shoe leaves the Atelier without the approval of Christian Louboutin himself, nor without the brands signature red-lacquered soles.


This Made to Measure process will take about one year and the last shaped on your foot will be kept at the Atelier in case you wish to create another pair of exquisite custom shoes or boots. Just bring yourself and your dreams and your vision of your perfect shoe!


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Images taken from http://us.christianlouboutin.com.